Film-making is an art of exploration: it discovers novel means of expression that nurture ideas that make an impact; ideas that stay with us for longer than we'd have imagined. And when our words falter in their narration of our tales and our songs fall short of capturing the music surrounding our lives, we seek solace in the comforting embrace of cinema; where a film portrays our stories better than we ever could, where a film makes a difference. Join us, as we embark on a journey of exploration, a journey of life as seen through your lens. We're ready; are you?  



With majority of the nations under the clasp of an indefinite lockdown, the significance of freedom has finally dawned upon us. As the privileged drown themselves in the sorrow of not being able to indulge in their routine out-of-home ventures, the not-so-privileged yearn to be free from the circumstances which have only brought suffering to them and their kin.

'Azaadi' is an urdu word which means freedom. Intesaab 2020 has been woven around poetries of Faiz Ahmed Faiz and even the theme of Intesaab International Micro Film Festival has drawn inspiration from one of his most popular poems, 'Subh-e-Azaadi'

The participants are expected to come up with their own interpretations of the theme and craft their films around it.














Students enrolled in an undergraduate or postgraduate course can participate in the competitive events at Intesaab 2020. Students of junior colleges with an attached undergraduate degree-granting wing are also eligible to take part.


At Intesaab Festival, we invite people from different colleges, locations, genders, languages and students with disabilities to actively participate.


Students who have taken a drop in the current

academic year (2019-20) will not be eligible to participate.


Participants are required to shoot a micro-film revolving around the theme of ‘Azadi’ (Freedom) in a way that it showcases their individual interpretation of the theme, with respect to one or several aspects of the present circumstances.

● The length of the film should not exceed 2 minutes (excluding opening/closing credits and title card)

The format of the submission must be MP4/WMV/MOV/AVI of resolution 720p or higher.

All Submissions to Freedom Framed will be a part of Intesaab      International Micro Film Festival 2020.

● The mentioned number of participants refers to those people who are a part of the filming crew, such as the director, the writer, etc. At the time of submission, participants must provide the details of each member of their crew, along with their role in contributing to the film.

● Participants should also note that the number of participants does not refer to the actors working in the film, since there are no restrictions on non-student actors being a part of the film.

● The film should be shot indoors. However, exceptional creative interpretations are encouraged till the time social distancing is maintained/local health guidelines are followed.

The film can include languages other than Hindi and English. However, in such a case, it is the participant’s responsibility to add subtitles in either Hindi or English for their submission.

Silent films will be accepted as long as they adhere to the theme and other rules of the event.

Participants should note that a montage of still photos is not allowed.

Use of stock footage in the film is strictly prohibited.

Participants can make a live action short or an animation short according to their preference in the filming process.

Participants can use a mobile phone or a DSLR camera to shoot their film.

Participants are allowed to choose any software to edit their film. However, the film cannot have any watermarks.

Use of copyrighted material in any aspect of the film is prohibited.

Participants must ensure that their film isn't controversial, offensive or disrespectful towards any religion, caste, community or gender.

As mentioned above, all submissions for this event are to be made through FilmFreeway (

The video submitted by the participant may be uploaded to various social media platforms for the Popular Choice Prize.

Not all of the submissions will be put up for the Popular Choice award because there will be a preliminary elimination round. Only those submissions that will be selected in the preliminary round will be put up for voting for the People's Choice Award.



Intesaab International Micro Film Festival is proud to be associated with FilmFreeway. 

All submissions to be made through

Please note that all entries must be 2 minutes or under in length. 

Regular Submission Deadline: 9th June, 11:59 PM IST

Late Submission Deadline: 10th June, 06:00 PM IST

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Smt. Usha Agarwal, Managing Trustee